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Black Hands, White House: Slave Labor and the Making of America is available through Fortress Press and everywhere books are sold. Black Hands, White House documents and appraises the role enslaved women, men, and children played in building the US, its physical and fiscal infrastructure.

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Black Hands, White House: Slave Labor and the Making of America  is available now at Fortress Press.  The book documents and appraises the role the enslaved community played in building the American colonies, both economically and structurally.

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These memorials are a snapshot of monuments that I visited in the capital cities of European countries involved in the transatlantic slave trade and other atrocities.  Where are the monuments on the National Mall in Washington, DC dedicated solely to enslaved Black people who helped build the American colonies, physically and fiscally, brick-by-brick, soul-by-soul for nearly 250 years?

The Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes, France

I Am Queen Mary in Copenhagen, Denmark

The National Slavery Monument in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, Germany

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Roundtable Participant


Wednesday, Oct 11, 2023 @ 6:00 PM
“Artivism: The Political Mandate of Art” GOETHE Center Roundtable Discussion with Nikita Dhawan, Maria do Mar Castro Varela, and
DC artists

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BOON Podcast


Airdate, Friday, Oct 23, 2023
Season 1; Episode 9, “Make it Make Sense for Teens – The Black Religious & Spiritual Experience in Christianity,” BOON Podcast, The Black Next Gen Network with hosts Candice Austin Wynn and Robert Purvey,

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Internal Cohort Group Meeting

Guest Speaker



Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023 @3:00 PM & @ 7:00 PM
Join the Movement Toward Racial Justice

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Internal Cohort Group Meeting

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Sunday, Oct 29, 2023 @ 10:30 AM
First Congregational United Church of Christ, Washington, DC – All Saints’ Sunday Special Service Honoring Black people who worked as enslaved laborers on the land on which the church now sits.

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Thursday, Nov 2, 2023 @ 6:00 PM
Monuments of the FUTURE GOETHE Institut DC 3-day gathering discussing monuments for the Future. “Our Role in Reshaping Public Monuments in Public Spaces,” with artist and community facilitator, Jessica Valoris.


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Saturday, Nov 4, 2023 @ 10:00 AM
This Nation Under God?: The Gettysburg Address 160th Years Later, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.

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